Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Moment of Zen

I'm sitting here, thinking about some people who genuinely care about me (you know who you are), flipping thru EGM's "200 Greatest Games of Their Time" feature (by the way, they oughta do a Top [insert number] Games That Were Ahead Of Their Time, including titles like Half-Life, Warhawk, Transformers [PS2], Drakan [PS2], and Red Faction), listening to the sweeping Homeworld soundtrack on my lovely Koss headphones, and letting Becky the Cat rub her face all over my bare, freshly showered foot. My mind wandered off for a moment, into the Homeworld universe, a universe not so different from our own. The idea of floating in space wraps me up like a warm blankie. Nothing above, nothing below. Nothing but nothing, weightless, and there I am, just floating by, not a care in the world. And the moment I become aware of that Zen-like moment, I start to dwell on it, to concentrate and focus on it, to heighten it, magnify it, to lose myself completely, so that I forget I'm even here, so that I stop breathing. And I am weightless as I sit here, consumed by all the things that drizzle joy into my mind. And nothing else matters. :)

Ever have a moment like that?

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Stop eating mushrooms.