Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ok, I'm officially a cliche

I hate it when people coin names and phrases for "eras" or "revolutions" based on some product they want to hype. The latest is "The HD Era," as to be ushered in by HDTVs and high-def broadcasting. It's so....consumeristic, and it's annoying to me.

This is why it is with a heavy heart that I admit there really IS something behind this whole HD movement. I didn't realize it until today when we hooked up our new HD cable box with component cables to our big-ass HDTV and watched Olympic women's hockey, then I, Robot on my largest child, Goliath (the tv). I am a convert. I can never go back. HDTV is really a beautiful thing. And while I'm sort of ashamed to admit that, if you haven't seen it, don't talk to me about it. You have no idea what you're missing.

The hockey moment...when I realized I could read every tiny bit of embroidery on the jerseys from two rooms away; when I could see individual beads of sweat on the foreheads of the exhausted centers; when I could count the individual particles of ice shavings when someone stopped suddenly...I knew it was all over for me. The visuals really ARE as good as the hype.

And when I flipped on I, Robot, my brain had to stop and re-learn how to watch TV. I think I lost a few brain cells. They just couldn't process the awesomeness.

Prior to now, we just used an analog coax cable from the box to the TV, and you don't notice much difference. I thought the HD hype was all smoke and mirrors. But you really need to get component cables (the ones that separate video into three diff cables, not just one input). It may not blow your mind, but it will at least take it out to dinner and try to get to second base with it.

Man....why am I writing to you? There's STUFF on TV I need to watch. Like......COMMERCIALS, or whatever else is on. See ja.


Leslie said...

You really love I, Robot, huh? I mean it was good n' all, but I didn't have a movie-gasm.

Watch Indiana Jones on HDTV and then let me know how that goes.

P.S. Your TV is COLLOSAL. How the hell did you manage to move him?

Lord Boinkingham said...

I don't LOVE I, Robot. I like Asimov stuff, and the parts of the movie that were true to his legacy, but it was just popcorn fodder other than that.

I WANT to watch Indy on it. We watched The Mummy the other night. 61" of Rachel Weisz...nuff said.

Goliath isn't nearly as heavy as he looks. Despite his 61" of diagonal bliss, it only takes two people to carry it, and that's mostly due to sheer size. It's LCD, and not nearly as heavy as a CRT half its size.

Leslie said...

61" of Brendon's witty banter.

Invite me over.

Lord Boinkingham said...

Come over.