Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WoW Blog Contest, #1

Over at 1up.com, they're having a contest for an iPod Nano for anyone who can post amusing World of Warcraft blog stories. Below is one such story.....

Funny I should hear about this contest right after one of my worst WoW instances of all time.

It all started out fine. I was a lvl 11 Gnome Mage, minding my own business trying to collect rat ears for some quest, when in charges this lvl 10 Dwarf Paladin named after a part of the male genitalia. This already made me think the person was a tool. He had a pack of tunnel rats gnawing at him, so being a nice guy I ran over and Frost Novaed them, giving him a chance to fall back and heal. A minute later, we'd tag-teamed the rats and emerged with our hides (and their ears), and unsurprisingly, this clown invited me into a party.

He then shared about a dozen quests with me and we started off on what I had a feeling was an ill-fated journey around Loch Modan. We need Bear Meat, Boar Intestines, and Spider Ichor. Check. It took a while, and me getting killed a couple times because captain doorknob would run off ahead while I was sipping some conjured water to get my mana back, allowing a spider to come tap me on the shoulder. Still, I had dinged and was having a pretty good time overall. But he wasn't satisfied.

"I need to lvl" he says. "Know of any drugons?" I assumed he meant "dungeons" and said "not around here." His bright plan was to go to the Deadmines in Westfall, a place inhabited by lvl 15 and up baddies, and with us currently weighing in at lvl 12 (me) and lvl 11 (him), it sounded like a patently bad idea. "I'll get someone from my guild to take us thru," he reassures me. Still, it smells like a recipe for misery.

We blow thru probably an hour getting back to Ironforge, then taking the Deeprun Tram to Stormwind (which he fell off of in transit somehow), then walking down to Sentinel Hill, where I pointed out again that, even outside the pending instance, we were surrounded by things higher level than us. He was undeterred. Suddenly a lvl 40 and lvl 23 warrior and a lvl 23 priest show up, inviting us along. Off we go, despite my utterly logical arguments. I have this problem; I give people the benefit of the doubt. I really need to stop doing that.

About 15 minutes later, we're knocking on the door to the Deadmines. We go in, and right off I get attacked by a lvl 15. And I died. The priest rezed me, and about ten steps later, I died again. And so did the priest and the moron who convinced me to go on this idiotic adventure in the first place. Bear in mind that I got about 7xp at the most from anything we'd killed, and was getting about 100xp from stuff around Loch Modan that WASN'T killing me. So I laid there watching my corpse for a few, and when they just moved on without me, I messaged, "Rez please?" and all the reply I got was "warriors can't rez." NO KIDDING, SHERLOCK! I thought they had some contingency plan for when the priest got whacked, but apparently not. I went back to the graveyard and took the armor/summoning penalty just to get away from those tremendous jackasses. Never again, I say.

And people wonder why I play WoW solo 99% of the time.

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