Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WoW Blog Contest, #2

Contrary the the last post, I did have a couple of good runs with others in WoW. Here is one, another to follow.

I live in a house with five active WoW accounts. The youngest among us is an 8-year-old girl. Nobody in Azeroth believes her when she tells them that, but I can attest to the fact that she is in fact 8, and female.

So she always invites me to party whenever we're both playing. She got it in her head to go to Ragefire Chasm in Orgrimmar. I'm hesitant because she's a lvl 14 priest and I'm a lvl 22 Tauren Shaman who's never set foot inside Ragefire. She didn't seem like the most reassuring of companions, considering how she doesn't really understand her role as a healer (more on that in a minute) and isn't really the best at party management. She says she'll bring along another friend. Um, ok...turns out he's a lvl 17 undead rogue or something, and ends up not affecting the outcome of things very much. Thank god for that coffee-named lvl 24 hunter tank we found just outside the port to Ragefire. She rocked.

In we go! And right off the 8-yr-old priest starts aggroing, charging ahead, getting the attention of every elite within a mile radius. The hunter and I jump in, pulling out a W for the home team. We progress further in, and are getting mobbed by about ten critters. I type "How 'bout a heal, please?" Nothing happens. I turn around to see what she's doing (we all play in the same room here at home) and she's off in the corner looking at a pretty rock, so I yell over, "What are you doing?! Heal us!" So she runs over and uses her best heal spell, which I quickly realize is still Rank 1 as it heals me for about 50 out of my several hundred HP. "Nevermind, just stay back." I fall back and start healing and rezing, where needed. Ahh, I love my shammy.

Things are back on track now, but down in the chat window I see the loot settings change from Group Loot to Free-For-All. I tell the 8-yr-old in charge to change it back. She says "But I want some loot, too." I try to explain that Group Loot means everyone gets a turn, no matter what. So she changes it back. As soon as the next battle begins, I see it change in the chat window back to Free-For-All. Guess in the heat of combat, she thought I wouldn't notice. So I yell over my shoulder to her to change it back to Group Loot and leave it that way. She does so, begrudgingly. Then she runs right into the middle of the fray, this underpowered, under-leveled priest. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I blurt. She just stands there, in the eye of the storm, not attacking anything, but somehow not getting attacked either. "I just want to make sure I get some loot," she says. I feel about three gray hairs pop out of my head.

So she goes and bungles her role in the instance entirely, but we make it to the end. Just as I'm about to make a "Victory from the jaws of defeat" comment, I forgot to center the camera back on me before moving, and inadvertently walked straight into the lava, killing myself instantly. Now, despite how dumb her mistakes were, I couldn't really complain, having done something even dumber myself.

I lumber back to the instance (why can't my spirit use Ghost Wolf, anyway? Seems like the perfect time TO use it) and apologize to the group. We make it out, sell our spoils, and head on our separate ways.

So, the moral of the story is, when someone is incurring the wrath from the entire group, don't go and do something even dumber than they did.

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