Friday, March 31, 2006

Terms of Endearment

I've listened to a little rap music in my day--and I mean that literally. If I want to hear about gang-bangas and how great it feels to beat up a "ho," I'll watch Jerry Springer, not purchase your shitty bling bling overpriced CD. And no, a life of crime and hard "thuggin" is not going to help you get ahead in life, unless "ahead" means "dead" or "in prison." Don't get me wrong...American History X wouldn't have been HALF the movie it was without all the racism and wonderful ethnic stereotypes...but those are based at least loosely on reality. You people created those likenesses. It's up to you to unmake them.

Back to rap music. I've heard enough of it to be officially confused. Someone please tell me: Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be a "muthafucka"? Obviously I know it's context sensitive, but if the people writing these songs had any idea how ridiculous they sound, the choads among them would shut up and let those with a real message take the mic. Tupac, The Beastie Boys, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice...these men had/have vision. "No Sleep Till Brooklyn"? WORD. Gentlemen, the studio is right this way...

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