Sunday, April 09, 2006

Darth Bush

I know a lot of you are busy and can't take the time to read this, but do try. If nothing else, it's a relevant point of view on the Bush Administration. If you get past the Star Wars comparison that we've all prolly heard a dozen times before, you get to comparisons between Bush and Hitler, and how they may actually be connected via previous-generation relations.

I can't swear any truth behind it. How would I know for sure? Still, it's a good read, IMO. Below is my response to the guy who sent me the link:

Hey Nate and Co.,

Re: our Star Wars imperialistic govt.....I heard about this comparison a few years ago, then started reading up on "conspiracy theories," then saw claims that there never was a plane that "hit" the Pentagon, but rather that it was a truck bomb. I gotta say, the evidence makes sense. At this point, we couldn't possibly enact one of the main fundamentals of the Constitution (take the govt out of power when they come to represent their own interests rather than those of the people) because they'd simply turn our own military on us, and label us not only unpatriotic, but also as traitors. On that point, I'm sure they WOULD follow the Constitution in putting the "rebels" to death post-haste (forget about any appeals or re-trials on that charge).

One place this article stumbles is in why it says we should let Bin Laden stay free. The article implies that he's a CIA agent and is being kept free intentionally to keep him in play. The link at that point in the article reads very differently. A retired CIA agent (who no longer stands to gain much from his agents) makes the valid point that capturing or killing this "hero" to his people could further incense them and trigger even more attacks, either to glorify the martyr, or to compete to take his place. It's spun a bit for the article's point's benefit, methinks. Imagine if the Romans hadn't killed Jesus, but rather just left him in play. Think his "legend" would still be alive and kicking today? Remember, Bin Laden is a religious terrorist as much or more than he is a political terrorist. I'm sure to the Romans, Jesus was a terrorist, polluting the populace with ideas contrary to the govt, convincing them to be different, free, wise, and independent. And before you compare Bin Laden to Hitler, Bin Laden made a handful of small attacks and isn't nearly as interested in world domination or genocide as the Nazi leader was. Hitler was also largely politically movitated. He didn't have to alter the maps of Europe just to kill some Jews. He wanted it all, and didn't let up until he had it, or died trying. We all know how that ended. Same with Napoleon. They were pushy. When's the last time anyone saw or heard anything out of Osama? Bush is more the aggressor, making him more the Hitler or Napoleon than Bin Laden ever was, invading nations and subjugating their people.

The stuff about America terrorizing its own people or Bin Laden being in cahoots with the Bushes...none of that can I refute. Fahrenheit 9/11 finds enough info to support that. I'm just waiting for Bush to come out and admit it. He probably never will. What I don't get is how we were going to impeach Clinton for getting head in the Oval Office, but we leave Bush to keep breaking laws, hurting people, and doing his dirty deeds, and for dirt cheap (pushing the deficit to record highs, off OUR tax money....if he had to pay for this stuff himself, he'd never get it done).

I think if a President's approval rating drops below 40%, he should be ousted right away. PERIOD. Why shouldn't he? Clearly the people's will is to get rid of him. Saying 50% is a little tricky, especially considering the last election was 51% / 49% (we'd prolly have to replace someone every six months at that rate), but technically, that could be the breaking point, too. Either way, Bush is pushing the bottom of 30% approval, and Cheney is way below that. Why are they still in office?

All of this adds up to why I'm dying to see V for Vendetta. "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

That's my two cents. Thanks for the link!


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