Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sometimes it's more fun not knowing.

I went to Staples today to send a fax. I got the "associate in training" named Maggie, a gorgeous young thing, caught in that age gap where she looks too good NOT to be too young. Still, the mind ponders the possibilities. My parents split a 13-year age gap, though they obviously didn't meet at age 10 and 23.

So I played out a scenario in my head. When she hands me the fax, do I inquire about her situation?

I do not, for several reasons.

1. Situations like this have never worked for me. Ever. These sort of spur-of-the-moment women just aren't interested. History has made this painfully and utterly clear to me.

2. I work every day now, doing my freelance junk during the day, and nightly doing online customer support for Kuma Games. Both of these things run every single day of the week. One could say I don't have TIME for a girlfriend, at least enough to be fair to her. Someone else could counter by saying, "Yeah, but that makes you more unattainable, and chicks go for that." Not in my experience.

3. Sometimes it's just better to have that lingering wonder, the "what if" of it all. As soon as you ask and she invariably says "no," there's nothing left to wonder or speculate or pretend about. It's left the realm of being a mental toy and become real world fact.

Every moment leading up to the one where she shoots me down, there are countless possibilities of how it can turn out, and my creative side likes that. Reality is just not as fun.

Still, I might go back one of these days and ask her out. However, despite my reluctance before, I am a firm believer in striking while the iron is hot. Going back just for that purpose seems....weird. Most of the time I'd rather just stay single than continue to be disappointed at how many women won't even talk to a decent guy, but then complain to their friends that they never meet any.

All this over one silly fax.

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Leslie said...

I say go for it.