Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This Post, Brought to You By Leslie

I just read this. CLICK.

So what days/moments changed it all for me? Well, my abbreviated spur-of-the-moment list would have to at least include (in no particular order):

1. In second grade when I made fun of a friend's speech impediment to seem "cool" to everyone else. He heard me, and stopped being my friend the same day. From that day forward, I never did anything just to seem "cool" and have a very adverse--even volatile--response to peer pressure. If you ask me to do something and I say no and you say, "Oh come on..." be prepared for major hostility.

2. Any and every first kiss. You know who you are out there. I don't take an interest in a woman lightly, and for me to kiss you is like some typical guy proposing to you. It MEANS something. So imagine how seriously I take sex. Go ahead and shudder.

3. Speaking of, the night I lost my virginity. I was 22, and it was unlike anything, far better than I could have imagined. And it lasted almost an hour, to boot.

4. The first time I really drank. I was 24. Believe it, folks. I was in Michigan for a weekend, and was pleasantly trapped in a house with 7 women. So why NOT drink?

5. This will likely stir some controversy and double standards, but since Leslie mentioned telling her mom about losing her virginity and how badly that went, when I told my mom, she just said, "Oh," and then asked me some general questions she already knew the answers to, about protection, knowing what I was getting myself into, etc. She took it very much in stride, far from the disowning behavior Les mentioned she received.

6. The first time I touched a bare boob. It was on a bus trip back from state marching band competition in November 1995. I know we weren't the only people on the bus with lust on the brain, either. Those sort of things were so common. All of Michelle's band camp stories....we did stuff that bad or worse. Usually worse.

7. In October 2003, I had four days off of work and wanted to try something crazy. So I got in my car, grabbed the atlas, and said "Where do I want to go?" I ended up in Maine. I'd never gone anywhere more than maybe 100 miles from home by myself before, and here I was, questing into NYC for the first time on my way up the coast, and almost reaching Bar Harbor, ME before turning back. Hell of a time, and it opened up my mind to the idea of getting out there and seeing the world. It's no coincidence that I moved to NYC about a year later.

8. Picking the flute as my instrument of choice for band. Some called it "gay," but I got to sit with and get to know some of the prettiest ladies in school. Now who's gay?

8a. I opted to take the piccolo part in Stars and Stripes Forever at the Pops Concert. It was with some reluctance, but I thought "What the hell, you only live once." I practiced the hell out of it but couldn't get it right. I went to the concert nervous as hell because I hadn't gotten through the solo even ONCE without mistakes. I don't know if I actually nailed it under pressure, or if I just *heard* it the way it was supposed to be. Either way, I did it. I seized the moment n stuff.

9. Nilesdance, and how it showed me that music doesn't have to play by any rules.

10. Pachelbel's Canon, and the hours I spent at the piano learning it by ear. I'd credit that song more than any other as the reason I still play the piano and write music to this day.

11. Mein Herz Brennt by Rammstein, the song that kicked my ass and gave me goosebumps.

12. Sitting next to Marissa on the bus ride to Washington, D.C. I stayed awake for 38 hours straight because I didn't want to miss a single second of being close to you, even if it just meant holding you while you slept.

13. That tripping call I made when reffing hockey. It was an iffy play, but the coaches said "Call anything that could be getting players hurt," so I did. At least the penalized team still won the game. Still, even though I was doing what the coaches told me to, I feel like I robbed that kid. She was trying to block a shot, but did it just a little too close to the shooter.

14. Even though I didn't hear it directly, all of my teachers and guidance counselors told my mom to push me harder and harder, no matter how lazy I wanted to be. It got me into AP classes and a 3.49GPA in college.

15. The first time I landed a jump or a spin while rollerblading without falling. Suddenly I felt like I could do anything.

16. It's not really a day, my entire relationship with Erin showed me the highest and lowest times I've ever known. It also showed me just how much people can change, permanently. She's never again going to be the girl I was completely nuts about back in 1999.

17. I don't want to name names, but seeing a girl walk into my room by candlelight, wearing nothing but a red g-string and heels. Holy effing shite!

18. The experience of getting to know Corrina. Every day I talk to her feels like a miracle in the making, opening my mind to some crazy new approach to the world. I didn't believe in angels till I met her.

19. My trip from New York City to Tallahassee, FL last summer. Three days, a cool uncle, a party, and a gorgeous girl. Again, it opened my mind further to just what I was capable of.

20. No fewer than 75 girls in a row rejecting me in my two last years of college. I've been meaning to just write a frickin book about that story. This stretch completely jaded me to rejection. It doesn't bother me in the least now.

21. Seeing the sunset on the Pacific Ocean back in '92.

22. Living in New York City for 7 months, meeting some wonderful people, and getting cozy with the biggest, "scariest" city in the world. Coming from a town of maybe 20k people, it was a pretty big change. NYC still feels like my second home, and I do miss that crazy place sometimes.

I could probably go on forever, but I'll stop boring you for now. Maybe tomorrow I'll expound on my various roommate experiences and the trials and traumas that come along with that. :)

This concludes my broadcast day.

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Leslie said...

You rock. These are awesome. They paint such an honest picture of life.