Sunday, June 18, 2006

Adblock Plus and a Lazy Roommate

First, if you use Firefox, you HAVE to get Adblock Plus. It takes a second to figure out how to add filters, but imagine an Internet with NO banner ads or any such garbage. That's what you can have, and it's worth the few minutes it takes to learn to use. If you get it and don't know what to start blocking, add these right off the bat:

Those are pretty common, and adding them as wildcard filters prevents ANY ads originating from those sites (which is a LOT) to appear or load at all, saving you time and bandwidth. And if you're NOT using Firefox, get off the Internet you heathen. :p It's got enough extensions available now to make Internet Exploder thoroughly obsolete. Just get it; you'll be doing yourself a favor. It's better than IE in every conceivable way (except that you can't universally mute sounds; why haven't they fixed that yet?). Safer, more secure, and blocking vile malignant scripts is as easy as click, click, done.

Moving on, I just went into the bathroom to do some business on the jon, and I look over to see the faucet FULLY ON. Nobody's been in the bathroom for at least 10 minutes, meaning all that water just literally went down the drain. I think water is included in our rent, and I'm not really one of those Save the World fundies, but COME ON. TURN SHIT OFF WHEN YOU'RE NOT USING IT! Is that so hard? This extends to numerous lights left on all night, the TV being left on when no one's in the room (I normally might not care as much, but the thing is a 62" HDTV and that $300 bulb costs a lot of time and hassle to replace when it burns out), people just generally using more than their share of resources, and I get stuck splitting half the bill.

This came right after I emptied someone else's clothes out of the dryer to dry my own laundry, and since someone around here makes sticky yucky messes all over the washer and dryer (someone who is NOT me), I say fuck it, let their clothes sit right on there, too. This lazy sloppy never-look-behind behavior has got to stop, and I've tried the direct approach. It doesn't work. Whoever it is has just gotten so set in this don't-care mentality that it can't be changed now. After a full day of cooking and baking, I'd expect to see a few extra dishes in the sink. But they never made it to the sink. There are sticky messy dishes, flour, salt, sugar, and batter strewn EVERYWHERE in the kitchen, and it stayed there until the same time the next day. What. The. Fuck. Am I the only one on Earth who knows how to change the toilet paper roll, and adjust sonic bass to a reasonable level?

Can I move in with someone else who actually CARES about their dwelling please? PLEASE?

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