Friday, June 02, 2006

I hate the word "Premium."

It just smacks of snobbish, prissy, "I'm better than you" behavior, which I can't stand. What's worse, it's being used on products and services now that SHOULD simply be called "Complete" or "Finished" or "The Way It Should Be But We're A Big Corporation Who Hates People and Masturbates With $100 Bills Rolled Up In Our Hands So We Released This Incomplete, Inferior, Piece Of Shit Product and Billed It As 'Standard' Because You Trolls Don't Demand Better From Us."

Or something like that. I fucking hate things that say "Premium" on them. Microsoft does this a lot. Pretend to be surprised. But it's also on gasoline, which is another sore subject in the world these days.

Fuck Premium.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I just googled "I don't like the word premium" and your blog was first. I also don't like the word premium for some of the very same reasons. I am not sure why I would even google the phrase, but it is good to see someone out there shares my indignation.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to raise a post from the dead but yes I do hate the smug arrogant use of 'premium'. Windows Home Basic because you're a poor bastard that cant afford 'Premium'. Select customers receive premium service. Premium Economy - why bother just sit in coach and save a few bucks.