Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm freakin HYPER right now. I don't know why. Oh wait, yes I do. Because Adblock Plus that I mentioned before has made the Internet into an addictive game for me. Finding and zapping ads off every page I open is so much fun, you wouldn't believe it unless you tried it yourself!

Surriously, though, it's INSANE how much faster pages load up when my browser isn't wasting time retrieving and opening stupid banner ads. Even this here blog winder works better! YOU'VE GOT TO TRY THIS.

Also, I was cruising around to see what MySpacers inhabit my old (and perhaps future) haunt, good ol' Brooklyn, NY. Somehow I fumbled onto Horatio Sanz's page on here (he is so funny it's not even right), which led to other SNL castmembers past and present. Maybe they're all fakes, I dunno. But how do I know that ANY of you are real? It's all a fantasy, and if I can convince myself for one fleeting moment that I'm really reading something written by Bill Murray or Tina Fey, I'm a happier chicken.

WHICH REMINDS ME, I got prairie chickens as pets for my characters in World of Warcraft. It's not hard to do if you know what you're doing. And in case you don't, take your Alliance toons to Saldean's Farm in Westfall, talk to the guy and buy some chicken feed, then go click on a chicken and go /chicken at it till it says the chicken is staring at you strangely and that you should inspect it. /Cheer at it, give it the food, and it'll lay an egg. The egg holds your pet! This goes well with my collection of in-game pets, including a Crimson Whelpling (rare drops FTW!), Old Horned Owl, and a Green Wing Macaw from Van Cleef. I should open a friggin zoo.

I'm hyper. I must go read more. So what if I don't have a life (even tho I do. No really, I do. Just ask somebody). I'm having a good time. :)

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