Sunday, June 11, 2006


1. I guess I'm slipping with my crush. Natalie's birthday was yesterday (6/9) and I totally forgot.

2. Wash your hands after you cut your toe nails, and make SURE you don't pick your nose before you wash them. Getting footstink out of your nose is up there with removing blood stains. Not that I get lots of blood on me or anything.

3. Tina Fey (the SNL Weekend Update co-anchor) is fanTAStic to look at, and is funny and nerdy to boot. And totally unavailable. :(

4. The Net Neutrality amendment failed, which generally seems like a bad thing, but I theorized a couple of possible positive outcomes. One, the telecom companies try to impose tolls on big companies like Amazon, eBay, and Google for priority net bandwidth and access, and they all reply with a unified "GO FUCK YOURSELF" and not having net neutrality ends up being a moot point. Two, some upstart comm company emerges with a fancy new faster connectivity option, and promises net neutrality to anyone who joins their network, effectively making them explode in popularity overnight and sending the staid greedy bigger companies right to the corporate grave.

5. There are a million and one things Worcester, MA doesn't have that it really oughta. Like a Dairy Queen, more than one Pizza Hut, a good pub with wings and booze, any decently paved or marked or lined roads, and it has way too many vacant store fronts. If you want to check out that Norman Rockwell vision of New England, stay the fuck away from here. I think the Earth took a shit and people built houses around it and named it Worcester.

6. National Lampoons European Vacation is on TV. It is funny.

7. We've got a few new updates on Life by M and M, should you want something funny, obscene, politically charged, and completely absurd to read.

8. BlogCritics is fun to write for. Check out my stuff if you get a chance (or are extremely bored).

9. Nobuo Uematsu says he's inspired by Danny Elfman. Cool.

10. It's hard to find out some things about one's own family. Do YOU know the eye color, height, and weight of everyone in your family? We won't even bother with the other specifics I have to come up with just for this.

11. I got an error message about an hour and a half ago that said Firefox encountered a problem and needs to shut down. I was in the middle of something, so I just dragged the message off the screen and ignored it, and Firefox has been working flawlessly the whole time. Stupid Windows.

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