Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ain't That Some Shit

I've pretty much ruled out flying as a way to travel as long as this paranoia regimen is governing the security detail at the airports. Really, it's not making anyone any safer, and the crazies will just keep thinking up new ways to make air travel more exciting for everyone.

So I looked into a Greyhound ticket. Bear in mind it takes 12 hours for me to drive from Sandusky, OH to Worcester, MA, and about 8 hours from Sandusky to Brooklyn. The best I could find for OH to MA takes more than a DAY, and to NYC takes over 16 hours, or twice as long as it would take me to just drive it myself. So funk that noise.

So what about Amtrak from Sand-town to Penn Station? Takes between 13 and 15 hours. Will someone hurry up and invent auto-pilot for cars? It's not the time lost that bothers me; it's the BOREDOM of staring at pavement for 8 to 12 hours at a time. At least on a train or bus I could be reading or writing or 'rithmeticking

I read a review for Darkstar One tonite, and it reminded me how neglected one of my favorite game genres has been lately. If there's one thing videogames can do really well, it's simulate outer space, even on low-budget hardware. Freespace and Homeworld instilled that sense of awe, of the huge and empty nature of the universe, and what it feels like to drift around weightlessly.

Of course, then there was the time in Terminus that I shorted out my ship's power system (overloaded it somehow) and it killed the engines, navigation, then life support, and as the ship drifted helplessly away from the space station I'd just upgraded at, I watched salvation inching ever further away, me trapped in this steel, jet-propelled coffin of my own design. Then the screen started to turn red as the pressure inside the ship dropped and my eyes grew ready to burst. Fade to black.

THAT was a creepy moment, living my own death in space, and all because I pulled a little too much juice for a few seconds. Eeeeeery. I keep thinking I might like EVE Online, but hearing that everything is menus menus menus is a huge turnoff for me.

I <3 space. And yet I can't stand Star Trek. Go figure. Huh, I started out bitching about terrestrial travel and wound up in orbit.

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