Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just How Much This DOESN'T Matter

Over the last few days, a few people have been giving the power and actual readership of my blog a LOT more credit than it deserves. Check it out:
Further proof that this is neither a classroom nor a courtroom, and no one cares what I say except the oversensitive. For them, go spend an afternoon with Maddox. And you think I'M an asshole...

And for the affected parties, please know that I have unceremoniously unsubscribed from your blogs so you can go write about whatever you like without fearing the sensationalized WRATH that apparently comes with getting mentioned on my page. Now I won't feel compelled to make any more suggestions that'll get taken the wrong way and blown entirely out of proportion.

I still find it hilarious that this petty post got escalated to the heights of a "public announcement" or a "flogging." Talk about overdramatizing...

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