Sunday, August 27, 2006

Worst Buy

I used to shop at Best Buy, but no more. Here are a few tales of personal woe inflicted upon me by that den of crooked, incompetent assholes. I was inspired to write this by Mike over at WetWire.

1. I buy a stick of RAM to upgrade my laptop. I take it home, install it, and all of a sudden I start getting random blue screen crashes that just shut the thing down. I take it back to Best Buy and want to exchange it. Since I have both opened it and used it, they say no. I ask what else I can do. They say nothing.

2. I go to talk to a Geek Squad asshole about the effect this new RAM is having on my computer and he refuses to believe that the RAM is causing that problem, tells me I don't know what I'm talking about (I work on/fix computers for a living), and that there's nothing he can do. Also, a couple of pixels had died in the screen and I ask how much longer my laptop warranty is covered by them. He looks up the information (reluctantly) and says I've got about a year to go and asks if I want to give it to them to fix/replace. I haven't backed up everything yet, so I say I'll wait a while yet.

3. The VERY NEXT DAY, I press the power button on the same laptop and nothing comes on but the cooling fan. It's dead. Convenient that it dies the day after I tell them to eat a bag of shit. So I take it to the Geek Squad shitfuckers again. He happily greets me with an "I told you so" demeanor and says they'll have my machine back to me in 10 days or less. Fine. I have no choice, right?

Ten days come and go. I hear nothing. I call, they say they JUST received it at the repair place. Fine. How much longer? Oh probably another 5 days, but they don't know since they haven't diagnosed it yet. Fine. I am patient.

Ten more days go by, and nothing. I call and get no answers but get plenty of xfers to different departments, but have no concrete information. I call several more times over the next ten days and still get nowhere.

Thirty days have now gone by and I have NO information about the diagnosis, status of repair, or what the hell's going on. I keep calling but just get the runaround. Finally one of my chick friends was having a really shitty day and sympathized with my plight. She called them and pretended to be my wife. Hell hath no fury indeed....somehow, ten minutes later, she hung up the phone and told me I could go in tomorrow and pick out a new laptop of my choice, and would only have to pay anything it cost above and beyond the original purchase price of the original one.

But there's a catch. They make me buy another service plan, even though the original one still had a year left on it. I was happy with my last Sony VAIO laptop, so I picked up another one with impossibly good specs for the price (that's Sony's bullshit marketing for ya, but that's another rant). I end up paying about $400 total for it, but got it taken care of FINALLY. A MONTH later.

4. I buy a small LCD monitor at Best Buy with inputs for game consoles and a PC (S-video and VGA, basically). Pixels start burning out the same NIGHT I bought it, so I took it back the next day and just wanted to return it and save my money for a better model. They didn't want to take it back. They also didn't have but one person working the returns/customer service desk right around Xmas time. Genius.

They INSIST that I must have done something to damage the monitor. The current state of it is just impossible to accept without some kind of abuse from me. Bullshit. So they take it behind some flimsy wall and hook it up to their own "diagnostic tool" to figure out what I did to break it. COULD THEY BE ANY MORE INSULTING? After about 45 minutes (I'm not kidding) they come back out and with the most reluctance possible admit that it just went bad and it wasn't my fault. But they weren't gonna give me my money back. They wanted to give me store credit. FUCK NO. So I got noisy and pissed off and insistent and dragged down some manager from the ivory tower and finally I got my money back.

5. I get a BB gift card for Xmas that year and now I just HAVE to go there one more time to spend it and be done. I'm in the market for an external DVD+/-RW drive, so I get one for about $90 and finally am done with the place. They managed to slip me a price sheet for the Geek Squad, so now I have a reference point for my clients when they think I'm overcharging them for service.

6. I thought I was free and clear, but somewhere along the way someone ELSE got me a Best Buy gift card. I was having some power outage problems over the summer, so I blew it on a battery backup, which I was about to buy when the STORE lost power, making them unable to sell it to me, and then in about the rudest way possible told all the customers to get out of the store and don't bother coming back. No problem buddy. I eventually got the power supply, but I have to warn my friends and family right here and now:


I eventually got a 19" LCD wonder monitor from Sony with DVI-D, SVGA, HDTV component inputs, S-Video, RCA inputs....the works. I love the thing. I get a little ghosting when gaming due to the response time of the LCD elements, but overall I'm happy with the $900 I spent on it at CIRCUIT CITY where they were totally helpful. So helpful in fact that I went back later that day and bought a 62" HDTV from them.

Best Buy can die in a fire.

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I hate Best Buy.