Friday, September 22, 2006

Some more random brain debris

So I'm back in my office and not getting as much done as I should be. Then again, I can't be slaving away ALL the time. I called to fix one of my direct deposit setups today and the pointed me somewhere else. Joy. From there, I waited for my boss to call and change my schedule. You know what I get for the first time in 4.5 months? DAYS OFF. Woohaw. I dunno, it's like "woohoo" inbred with "hee haw."

MOVING QUICKLY ON, I have to start playing Hitman: Blood Money here soon for review for several web sites. NEED to start doing that. So if you walk by and see me strangling a guy on the screen with a piece of piano wire, just keep on going. I'm WORKING in here.

Me and Mike played World of Warcraft together tonite for the first time in MONTHS, and it was pretty good. We got our asses kicked (mobbed) a few times, and I had a few lucky saves (massive healing and animal forms...druids FTW!).

Also, upon my return to visit Goliath (my crazy-big TV), I had to go old skool and break out NFS: Hot Pursuit (the PS1 original) and its PS2 sequel. It's amazing how much both of those games STILL rock, and personally I love them bunches more than any of the shitty NFS games since (Underground, Carbon, Most Wanted, bleh). I could go on and on about NFS:HP and why it might just be the best racing game of all time, but I won't bore you with it now. Probably later.

I was trying to do some editing earlier today, but kept getting interrupted, first by my boss at one job, then by my boss at another (having 6 jobs keeps me confidently insane), THEN the roomies' 8 yr old daughter comes in and wants me to take her outside for a while. Fine. Then we realize all the doors around here lock when you go outside, so if she doesn't have a key, she's stuck (we're way upstairs and wouldn't hear if she knocked). But if I give her MY key, she'll surely lose it. So instead I prop the door with a small stick just enough so she can get back in and I can get back to work.

I go out a couple hours later, long since she's come back inside, and NOW the door (the only locked door between cretins and our place) is being propped open by a LARGE ROCK. When I got back, I asked her politely to NOT do that again. I guess when you're 8, the prospect of having hooligans break into your place and take all your shit just isn't fathomable. If we lived in a nicer neighborhood, I might be less worried, but we don't.

Moving randomly on, I have issues differentiating humans from animals. I know churchy people do this quite readily as they happily accept that we were given dominion over all the other animals. I don't buy that. Sure, we're at the top of the food chain, but I don't think that makes my life any more meaningful than that of some dog or wolf or dingo or mongoose. Some would then say "So how can you eat meat?" Easy, because if they offered human right next to ground beef and turkey, I also doubt I'd differentiate there, either. And before you give me some kind of cannibalistic, heathen, pagan bullshit, remember that what came from the earth shall return to the earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We're all part of the same walking compost heap.

And you will one day be turned into poop, either by a person or a bunch of maggots underground. Which would you prefer?

I personally take issue with being dismembered. It's the kind of thing I struggle with when watching gory movies. I can give up all my flaming worldly shit, but don't take away my body. That's the one thing that's really mine, and I kinda NEED it to keep on functioning and making people smile. That's the business I'm in, sort of. But then I can dig into a plate of chicken wings without really thinking about it. It's amazing how much we can dissociate ourselves from what we consume. It's all dressed up and pretty now. Sometimes I envy the people in this country who still kill their dinner. It sounds so barbaric, but people, even the most advanced and intelligent and sophisticated among us are only a couple hundred years out of the jungle.

To you biblical scholars, I pose the question...what knowledge were we created with? What little bit did we manage to learn before getting thrown out of paradise? How many languages did we know? I can't imagine Adam and Eve being any more civilized than the cavemen, and yet the holy visages we mock up are so pristine. Give me a break.

Also, Jesus was almost (if not actually) black. If nothing else, he looked more like Osama than the pasty white Northern European look so popularized in the media.

Negro/negra is the Spanish equivalent of the English word "black." How many generations is it going to take before we stop seeing that as "racially insensitive"? Then again, I doubt we'll ever go back to using "bitch" only to describe female canines.

I have longer fingernails than many women I know. Then again, I know a lot of women who bite their nails. Make of that what you will.

It's apparently allergy time again. My nose started bleeding today and my throat hurts. Lovely.

I had Taco Bell today. Mmm. Yes, I know you think it's horrible and it's not "real Mexican food" but I don't care. Eat me. I like that particular taste of bad food. Leave me alone and let me be happy.

Two boobs, two hands. Coincidence?

Powdered donuts are awesome.

Apparently my computer runs hotter than it should. I'm not sure what to do about that. It's only a couple months old, all the fans are working, it's well ventilated. Oh well.

I wish the Sega Dreamcast would have done better.

Water tastes like nothing. The only time I like drinking water is when I'm really really hot, playing a sport, landscaping, etc. And I don't care whether it comes from a faucet or a bottle, you hippies. A little pollution keeps you strong.

I'm yawning.

One of my favorite words is "bonkers," and I don't use it much.

I like a restaurant where bacon is an entree, not just a side dish.

My jaw hurts, I have zits on my tummy, being well endowed is a godsend, and George W. Bush is a huge pain in the ass.

Ok, I gotta do some things tomorrow, so enjoy yourselves and each other. Sally forth, carry on, and have fun storming the castle, boys!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to post my thoughts about the day anyway....

I still know where I was and what I was doing. Got up for Latin class, went straight there (no TV, no radio), and everybody was talking about "it" and how surreal it was to even bother coming to class, so we'd only have a half-session then head home. I was freaking out. WHA'D I MISS??? But I didn't want to be the one guy in the world who didn't know what was going on.

I got back home, turned on the TV and the computer, and couldn't move the rest of the afternoon. Finally around 7pm, I couldn't deal with it anymore, so I called up my uncle and went to his place for dinner. We talked about daily stuff to avoid the topic at hand and rampant misguided speculation.

Around 9pm I headed back to my teeny tiny apartment in Bowling Green, the events of earlier that day replaying in my head constantly, and amidst the dark road and the cool air, it felt so far away, yet so close.

That night, I too cried. When I see the footage these days, it's still hard not to. It really is the defining event of our generation. Let's hope nothing worse happens in our lifetime.

Five Years and Five Days

Tonite at work, some guy from the Netherlands was asking me why my company's game doesn't have a mission involving the actual events of 9/11. First I said it was because the game deals with the conflict in the Middle East, not crashing planes into buildings. He didn't understand why we'd leave out such a big event. He thought it was "cool" and it would make the game "better."

Next I said it was a touchy subject and would upset a lot of people, trying to recreate and mess around with what happened that day, even in a make-believe environment. He still didn't seem to get it, and I was starting to get pissed at him. Making a "game" out of the actual deaths of ~3000 civilians seems endlessly fucked up to me. Maybe I'm taking it personally.

Other wargames revolve around fighting soldiers, not civilians. Of course, with the current global situation, the enemy IS civilians, making it ever more difficult to pick out the innocents from the malcontents.

Then it occurred to me that this was probably a kid, maybe age 10 or 11, and he wouldn't even remember 9/11. There was no way he could comprehend the significance of what happened that day, if he even remembered it now. There are already people walking around the planet who just see 9/11 as a page in a history book, something that's not important or relevant anymore, something old farts like me and most of you will talk about till the day we die with a reverence and solemnity that those whipper-snappers will never have a grip on, nor will they bother trying to understand.

Maybe this is how nations heal after events of this magnitude happen. Memories fade. Generations pass. It goes from being an experience to a memory to a footnote to a legend or tale. Maybe then it doesn't hurt so much. Maybe then we can find common ground instead of exploiting our differences.

Then again, while with each generation we forget our wrongs, we also forget the things we got right, and so the cycle continues. Will we ever get it right?

On an unrelated note, I think it's horseshit of Bush to block stem cell research because he "will not support the destruction of innocent life," but then turns around and orders the bombing of more civilian targets in Iraq. Apparently he's only interested in saving innocent life that doesn't interfere with his global agenda.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hot off the presses

OMGWTF IT'S MORE OF MEEEEE. Some people have been bugging me to update and use my damn camera and whatnot, so I finally caved in and did it. Nothing spectacular, just what I had ready access to at 2am....

1. My room/office in OH for the last two months.

2. Looky who's my wallpaper today... (it's Cor and Tally for those who can't quite tell...shitty camera).

3. Furrier than usual and my neck looks weird.

4. The ol' disappearing lips trick.

5. The People's Eyebrow and a scrunchy mouth.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A couple things...

First, for Alisha, who can't seem to catch a break with both hands:

Next, for everyone else who lives in reality with me, here's something else to make you scratch your head:,23599,20380241-1243,00.html