Monday, June 18, 2007

Btw, we're back.

I forgot to mention the rest of the trip, now that we've been home for two weeks or so. Aside from finally meeting a buddy I've been yakking and working with via AIM for years for the first time in person, it wasn't too terribly exciting.

Salina, KS
We were gonna stop here, but decided to press on a bit further into the trip, and made it to Topeka, where the NHRA event in Kansas City had sold out all but the deluxe hotel rooms. Jacuzzi tub anyone? We splurged for a night, and the closest eatery was Hooters, so that was a new experience for us both. Needless to say, those hos aren't getting hired based on their personalities or IQ, so I shouldn't have expected the best. An hour to get one simple burger seemed kinda ridiculous, not to mention them bringing the wrong food to our table once, two waittresses trying to take our orders, and all the girls being a little less endowed than I'd been led to believe they'd be. Still, when the burger finally showed up, it was mighty tasty. Everything else was disappointing, though. Sorry Topeka. Your girls need work.

Kansas City, KS
Didn't do much here but drive through it, though it did look pretty nice. Might come back and check out the city a little more someday.

St. Louis, MO
This is where I met up with Mike at the deli. After an extended debacle that started with him saying we could crash with him, then not there, then he didn't even know if he'd have any time available that day, then forgot which day we were even going to be there, things generally worked out. We got a room at the Drury just outside of Arnold (near Mike's home/work), and played with the idea of killing a couple hours driving around St. Louis. Everyone encouraged us NOT to. They say it's dangerous, and a statistic I saw not too long ago slated St.L as the new murder capital of the country. Eh, pass. We just lounged in the hotel room for a bit and then went back out to have Mike make us some bourbon chicken after he got off work.

Indianapolis, IN
The stretch from St. Louis to Columbus was largely forgettable. Dave Letterman's hometown wasn't bad lookin, but it was mostly a footnote at this point in the trip since we were close to home and could come back and visit this place almost anytime. Didn't look bad from the highway. Laura did have a few problems getting a pic of it though. Stupid truck.

Columbus, OH
Home at last, and not a moment too soon. Weather was turning shitty when we got here (drove thru it on the way), and I had to host a multiplayer event for work literally about 15 minutes after we got home. Rushed in and set up the laptop, then helped Laura unload some of her stuff from the car quick as we could. Figured she could sort it all out from the doorway while I was working if we at least got it in out of the weather.

I worked. She unpacked. And that was about it. Combined with our drives from Columbus to NY, NY, we've now driven the entire width of the United States. Of course, mom pointed out I haven't been to Minnesota yet, which....I don't even see what that has to do with the width.

Ahh, mom. I think she loses it a little more every year.

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