Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Guild Wars SUCKS. In SO many ways. Seriously, just pony up the $12-15/mo and play World of Warcraft. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor. Here's a brief list of things that irritate the holy shit out of me about Guild Bores.

I can't manage to click on the ONE pixel of a guy that's running by that will actually SELECT him, let alone double-clicking to attack. Which reminds me...single click should select a guy, and go ahead and steal from WoW here and let single RIGHT-clicking attack or interact. GOD.

Aggro range and area of awareness is totally illogical. I can shoot a guy standing in a crowd, and only he and the one other guy linked to him will come running. The others are oblivious. WHA? Or I'm pounding the crap out of some dood and his buddies come patrolling by, completely oblivious to what's going on even though they walked right THRU me.

Then there are times you'll wander into a room full of people of, say level 3, and they spot you and mob you from 100 yards away, then the next room will have similar level 3s who won't attack you even if you walk up and tap them on the shoulder. WTF?

My pet is stupid. He's entirely one-dimensional. I can't control him, tell him who to attack, can't use him to pull anyone off of me since he can't manage aggro or hold it to save his life.

The interface for selling items is retarded. Why not just let me sell straight out of my bags (like WoW)?? Why pull up a second screen, and not even let me filter the gear I have in my custom weapon slots so I don't sell the wrong thing because of the game's unintuitive redundant bullshit?

Collectors? For what? I can run halfway across a vacant level to trade 3 baked husks (i.e., garbage) to a guy who'll trade them for an item that sells for 9g.....WHEN I COULD JUST SELL THE HUSKS DIRECTLY TO THE NEAREST VENDOR FOR 9G. Who the fuck would bother?

Quests that REQUIRE you to get some other fag to party with you...and for what? Just for the sake of partying with you, and doing such exciting tasks as "come hold this lever for me while I run thru the gate it opens....you can't come with me, and after I run thru I'm going to dump you from the party, so HURRY UP AND JOIN ME!!"

Camera that doesn't just move gradually around the terrain or zoom in, but goes VWOOM VWEE up and down all over the fucking place since it can't figure out what to do with that rock it just collided with. If you're not standing in an empty FLAT field fighting the most boring creatures known to man, you will hate the game. And fighting said boring creatures will make you hate it, too.

GOD. Fighting high lvl murlocs for eternity is better than this.

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