Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Shit on TV, Neck Pain, Everyday Sunday

Tila Tequila has her own show. I won't tell you what channel/network in the hopes that you'll avoid it, or at least make it more difficult for the sad fucks who really really want to watch. People are pining to get in her pants. That's like shit getting a hard-on for garbage. So shallow. So stupid. 13-year-old boys will unfortunately keep this crap on the air for a LOT longer than it deserves. This has to be the most worthless, degrading, pointless show I've ever seen. It's better with the sound off, but best not to be watched at all. Just Google her and spank it to the nudie pics on there.

My neck hurts a little today. Started about 24 hours after the accident, which apparently is "normal." Hopefully it will go away in a few days rather than render me paralyzed.

Heard "Let's Go Back" by Everyday Sunday on the radio today and really liked it. You can hear the whole thing at their MySpace page, and while it does sound a lot like Quietdrive and the other recent kings of cookie-cutter pop-rock, I won't deny something I like on principles alone. I'm not sure yet whether to plunk down for the retail CD, select Amazon MP3s, or just that one song. Amazon's store makes it way too easy and affordable to resist. Decisions, decisions....

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