Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Download Paradise = breakage

Burnout Paradise forced me and Sean to download patch 1.90 just to play online last night. His son was playing the game just fine a few hours earlier. Apparently the patch breaks online play, and/or I read a rumor about Tuesdays being "maintenance" day at Criterion. I have yet to confirm the latter, but I can assure you that after wasting time downloading a 400MB+ stupid worthless patch, the online component of the game -- the only thing we were interested in at the time -- is completely broken, because no longer could either of us connect to the "Paradise servers."

Just another reason we don't need some frigging middleman third party futzing up the works when trying to game online. Rainbow Six Vegas kicked this off on the PC (Ubi's servers su-u-u-uck), and it's spread elsewhere. Direct-connect and/or private console to console sessions work JUST FINE. Hamachi for the win; if only it worked on consoles.

The end. Thanks for listening.

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