Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Far Cry 2 wasn't supposed to suck

I read this in GI the other day, and an extended version is on the web:

In it, Clint Hocking (producer at Ubi Montreal) talks about all these ideas and things that were supposed to be fixed, tweaked, and fleshed out in Far Cry 2 that, from the sounds of it, WOULD have made it a much better game, but alas, everything got cut due to the publisher wanting to have it out by Xmas. That's really annoying.

The most appalling explanation he gives is about why the Camo suit costs so much and does so little. Basically they had to cut weapons and had diamonds left over, but rather than removing some from the game and having to retest to make sure it was balanced and didn't break anything, they just dumped them all into the Camo suit cost...which apparently doesn't actually do much in the game. And another thing....stealth didn't get the attention it deserved, and basically doesn't work in the game. The villages were supposed to be populated like Assassin's Creed's, the wildlife was supposed to be its own ecosystem, feeding off each other and attacking NPCs and goes on and on. Give it a read. You can tell the guy is apologetic of how badly Ubisoft made them screw the game over just to hit a release window. I still find it mildly amusing, but Crysis blows it away in every conceivable way. But Crysis won't run playably on my laptop. :)

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