Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Share and Share Alike

Mom said "When your kids bicker about money, tear a dollar in half and say 'Fight over it.'" I said, "Yeah, that's pretty good. But it's a bitch when you try to do that with a quarter." :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Porn Help Us

So It Begins: Small ISPs Begin Cutting Download Limits

I expect the porn industry to get involved and throw some money at reversing this trend as it will eventually cut into their bottom line. They helped win the fight of VHS over Beta and Blu-ray over HD-DVD. Maybe they can save us from conservatives, too.


My astute readers -- all none of you -- have probably noticed a dearth of content for the last year until the past few hours. While some of these are just status updates yanked from other social media outlets, I have a feeling it will be constructive and somewhat cathartic to get back into the swing of things here. If that has to start with just a couple of reposts to get me feeling reconnected to the goings on here, so be it. And while I know blogging is considered passe and "so last year," I don't really care. I'm less likely to put pen to paper and risk a hand cramp, but I need the same end thru whatever means is available and comfortable.

And besides, I like the sound and the feeling of fingers flying across the clickety clack keyboard on my laptop. I don't hear it nearly enough these days outside of simply working. Something needs to pry open my head and get all the debris out so the truly useful content can flow through my mental capillaries unimpeded.

Plus, it's rare that I get to use big words like that in my day to day writing. :)

Another Windows 7 Bug

Just spent an hour or so dissecting the Windows 7 registry. Apparently sometimes in Win7, the critical battery level is stuck at 98% (should be more like 5%) and can't be changed, so as soon as you unplug the laptop, it hibernates and turns off. Wonderful. At least I fixed it. Stupid Microsoft.

Meatball Croissant = OMG!

Searching for nothing more than a vehicle to transport delicious BBQ meatballs from the crock pot to my eating orifice, I settled on the only bread-like object in the immediate vicinity -- croissants. It was awfully tasty.

My Ass

Usage of sarcastic expression 'my ass!' Appropriate: "The Browns are going to the Super Bowl MY ASS!" Inappropriate, pertaining to silicone sealant that was purported to expand/contract without cracking: "This caulk sure stretches MY ASS!" -- You Saw It Here First

Ok, how long before someone makes available the domain suffix ".lol"? I would use every single day for my entertainment needs.

It Came From The Kitchen

Mom asks if this thing sitting next to me is a plate (it is). I say, "No, its a tiny flying saucer. Frickin aliens, comin in here, making more dishes for me to do." She gives me that "you're stupid" look. Undeterred, I said, "And they brought crumbs, to boot. Probably landed and said 'We crumb in peace.'" Then we both lol'd.