Thursday, July 28, 2011

Section 8: Prejudice -- PS3 Impressions

Ok, first things first -- there are still things missing. They left out the ability to change the time limit and score limit on the game, and botmatches can only house up to 16 players. If you played the original S8 on PS3, you probably noticed the same limitations.

For comparison's sake, consider that the PC version of both games allows you to customize all these features, your control scheme for every single button, and does allow up to 32 bots or players or whatever in any game mode. Plus, it's higher res and the textures are better.

So why these limitations in the console version? Why do gamers who don't want to put up with Games for Windows Live get screwed on options? I don't know, honestly. They had to actively remove content to do this. Granted, you get the first batch of DLC maps, modes, and skins for free (though we had to wait a couple extra months to get the game at all), so that kinda helps offset it.

But still, put things in and let people skip it rather than cut things out and leave us wanting.

The PC version looks better, runs better (on the right hardware) and overall has more going for it, EXCEPT for that huge caveat of GFWL. It makes backing up save files terribly difficult, separates your progress between offline and online profiles, and causes problems left and right from a technical standpoint.

All in all, it's still a fun game and a welcome change of pace from the one-hit-deaths of Call of Duty. Here's hoping they put a bit more polish into it with a patch or two.